look at this dork,


I agree though omg who do you want and I’ll just throw them at you xD Or well, him xD

yeee! I’ll be redoing my theme on andy sO.

plotting is the hardest thing ever though 

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     ❝Please——-You don’t know the 
         First thing about A Capella; ….
         We do wear matching uniforms…❞



"I’d suck dick for pizza right now." He wouldn’t, he’d rather starve. Hunger was clawing at his insides, but he had some dignity.

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           ❝Interesting Offer but say pass.
               Besides a dick isn’t as good
               As pizza and sucking one would
              ruin your appetite.❞

                    he wasn’t used to such words being 
                    used together; it was really weird of 
                    the other to even think of a dick & a 
                    slice of pizza & it was even weirder 
                    to put the two together in a sentence.

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Mutuals like for a starter ?

a beck oliver capspam, 4.07 - one thousand berry balls

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█▓▒░ ♫♪♫♪;; ♕░▒▓█

          ❝You don’t sing—- do you?


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